‘Je suis un Crayon’   -  ( I  am  a  Pencil)      


Official Selection 

Tribeca New York 2016,  Edmonton  Canada 2016, Manhattan Short 2016,  Sydney Indie film Festival 2016, Heart of Gold-Gympie 2016, Michael Moore’s Traverse City Film Festival 2016,  West End 2016,  St Kilda 2016,   Nashville 2016 -  Santa Barbara USA   /  Flickerfest  Sydney/Gold Coast Arts Centre/ Dendy Cinema Canberra 2016, Sanctuary Cove , Southside-Pennsylvania 2016, Kirchliches-Germany, Raindance  London  2015

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'Je suis un Crayon' (I am a Pencil) was inspired by 3 million people in France who marched in support of unity, peace, and freedom of expression after the Charlie Hebdo massacre. The pencil (like the artist) has an innate drive to create and will always express  ‘as it is - as it sees it,’ irrespective of whether it is granted permission or not. 

‘Je suis un Crayon’ (I am a Pencil) is a short film that was inspired by over three million people in France (and those who support them) who marched on January 11th 2015 in support of unity, peace and the freedom to express.

Artists have captured the world-’as they see it’ for as  long as human beings have existed on this earth. Some of the best examples of early human art can be found in Arnhem Land Australia and the Upper Paleolithic Art found in the Lascaux caves in south western France. This history makes up part of the story in ‘Je suis un Crayon.’




‘Our ancestors in art’

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I am a Pencil:  ‘I draw the world as it is  - as I see it’